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As a company with a proven track record in civil engineering and construction, Astraco has been involved in a variety of different projects over the years.

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To support Astraco's growth and development, a selection of affiliate companies with diverse interests, yet geared to a common purpose were established over the years.

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With over thirty years of experience in delivering successful solutions in the construction industry, and long term partnerships with many core operators, Astraco can leverage it's expertise to ensure:

  • Effective management and control of the entire procurement and delivery process
  • Integrated management of quality, health & safety, and environmental factors (QHSE)
  • Successful construction and delivery – on time and within budget
  • A unique, proactive focus on customer care

Core Competencies

Our core competencies are concentrated in the following areas:

  • Construction – by Astraco and sister companies
  • Engineering, procurement, and project management – by Astraco and, for large scale projects, through alliances with well established engineering companies
  • Procurement – by Astraco

Areas of Operation

As a company with a proven track record in civil engineering and construction, Astraco has been involved in a variety of different projects over the years. Broadly speaking, they include the following:

Industrial Complexes and Heavy Civil Engineering Works

Astraco has undertaken the construction of a number of major industrial projects in the past and continues to be active in providing leading engineering solutions in this field.

Astraco has completed many prominent projects especially in the oil and gas industry, for clients such as ADNOC, ADCO, WED (ADWEA), and the U.A.E. Armed Forces, among others. These projects include the AI Ain Oil Depot, Thammama 'C' Gas Gathering, Ruwais Hydro Cracking Complex, water injection civil works, modification and extension facilities at Abu Dhabi Power Station, and heavy reinforced concrete testing facilities at AI Dhafra Airbase.

Water Transmission & Distribution Networks

Astraco is a leading firm in the design and construction of water distribution and transmission solutions. We have undertaken numerous projects of this nature throughout the United Arab Emirates, with project values ranging up to several hundred million dirhams. These projects include:

  • Complete engineering, procurement and construction of ductile iron, carbon steel, GRP and HDPE pipes
  • Heavy earth works
  • Construction of NDRCs and submarine pipelines
  • Large concrete and steel storage tanks
  • Well fields development, all inclusive of mechanical, electrical, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and control works

Sewerage Works

This vital and expanding sector plays a major role in Astraco's activities. The company has accumulated vast experience in the construction of sewerage works including involvement in detail design. Extensive pipe laying operations, such as GRP and HDPE, as well as sewage treatment works, pumping stations, deep manholes and related earth works and electro-mechanical works, are all part of the service delivered.

Government Buildings

In addition to basic construction, Astraco has completed high profile projects involving comprehensive infrastructure development, from water and drainage to irrigation and landscaping systems. The highest quality standards have been achieved in the construction of state buildings, including expert work in marble and glass, as well as sophisticated electro-mechanical installations.

Buildings, Residential Villas & Complexes

Astraco has undertaken the construction of many prestigious residential and commercial buildings. These have included construction of hotels, multi-story buildings for office and residential use, as well as prestigious villas and complexes, ranging from single-storey villas up to multi-storey tower blocks.

Complete Infrastructure Projects

Astraco provides the design and construction of complete infrastructure projects for new developments. A multi-million dirham project is presently being undertaken by Astraco at Ghayathi. Similar projects have also been executed at Thamama 'C' and Ruwais Hydro Cracker Projects, among others. These projects usually involve heavy earth moving works, roads works, construction of water, irrigation, sewerage and drainage works, and the construction of electro-mechanical and telecommunication works. Such projects include pumping stations, storage tanks, sewage treatment plants, substations and similar facilities, all with ancillary electro-mechanical works.