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About Astraco Construction

Our Mission

Astraco is committed to producing the highest quality at the lowest cost

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As a company with a proven track record in civil engineering and construction, Astraco has been involved in a variety of different projects over the years.

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To support Astraco's growth and development, a selection of affiliate companies with diverse interests, yet geared to a common purpose were established over the years.

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As Astraco has grown over time, several affiliate companies with diverse interests have been founded to support the development of Astraco and evolve it's business model. Each of these companies associates with the common purpose of enabling Astraco to continue providing leading construction solutions in it's specialist fields.

Matrix Construction

Matrix Construction is multidisciplinary contractor, with experience in mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works


Matrix has three main operating divisions:

  • General Trading

    Supplies and Services to the oil, gas, petrochemical, water and electrical industries

  • Freight Contracting

    International and Domestic project, forwarding, distribution and transport logistics

  • Equipment Trading

    Specialized in construction, engineering and environmental equipment

Matrix Services Limited, U.K.

Matrix Services Ltd supports overseas purchases made by Astraco and Martix and co- ordinates alliances, agency agreements and sponsorships undertaken by Astraco and Matrix. Matrix Services Ltd is also instrumental in the recruitment of engineering and skilled personnel from around the world.