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How We Work

Our Mission

Astraco is committed to producing the highest quality at the lowest cost

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As a company with a proven track record in civil engineering and construction, Astraco has been involved in a variety of different projects over the years.

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Astraco leverages over 30 years of experience in delivering successful solutions

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At Astraco, inter-personnel interaction comes first. There are no closed doors and the two way flow of information and ideas is always encouraged. This structure ensures: .

  • Expeditious, robust delivery
  • Flexible solutions
  • Customer-focused solutions

These qualities enable Astraco to understand the scope of each project and specifically cater to the individual needs of each client.

Astraco excels by being led dynamically from the top, with a highly experienced management team that works hand in hand with a well qualified technical team on all projects. This is a proven style of operation at Astraco that has served the company and it's clients well, enabling Astraco to provide optimal solutions that exceed expectations and provide full client satisfaction.

Team Spirit

At Astraco, a project team is not just comprised of Astraco employees but also inclusive of the client. This approach ensures that nobody is inaccessible and allows the team to share ideas and work closely with the client and come up with the best solutions. Moreover, this form of client-inclusive team approach stretches across all of Astraco’s business divisions and is the driving force behind our excellent relationships with clients.

Financial strengths

Astraco prides itself on financial excellence as well as construction excellence. One of the priorities at Astraco is to always maintain a solid financial base. This allows Astraco to ensure that projects are executed and managed efficiently without financial constraints.